TRAVCO Computer Services

Our History

TRAVCO was founded in Denver in 1975 by information technology professionals. TRAVCO's first system was a Reservation System done for the Travel Industry; thus the name TRAVCO. Applications quickly proceeded to oil and gas, financial and government, which led to formation of government and commercial divisions,  to more efficiently deal with the various contracts and employees. Through reputation growth, resulting from successful systems implementation, the company began to acquire contracts with larger corporations and institutions for longer durations. In its commercial division TRAVCO has worked on projects throughout the nation and internationally. In its government division TRAVCO has become a major information technology contractor for State, Counties and the Federal Government.

TRAVCO continuously recruits top quality technical professionals locally and nationally. We offer great benefits and extremely competitive compensation packages. TRAVCO treats its technical staff professionally and handles employee concerns without delay. As a result, our turnover rate is one of the lowest in the industry. The average experience level of a TRAVCO employee in Information Technology is 9.2 years. The average tenure of a TRAVCO employee within our company is 5.2 years.

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